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Runner Display


Runner Display is an oblique display typeface. Drawn tightly gridded, mono-weighted, and high-contrast, this a great typeface for graphic impact and patterning. The forms are inspired by a combination of sports, the 80s, and katakana.

To complement the typeface, a foldable specimen poster featuring all four weights, a knitted football (soccer) scarf, and screenprinted packaging, were created.


Self Installation

Based on the task to choose a word and create a meaningful experience using wood and custom typography, this installation was realized. The installation serves as a means to observe yourself and your reality in a different context than how you expect to. We are used to observing ourselves in the present, but by setting the video feed to a delay, it allows the participant to see a different side of themselves in real time. Each side is separate from the other, forcing the user to experience one-at-a-time and revolve around the piece. The result is something that can be both surprising and playful, private or public, and different every time.


72 Hours of Craigslist

In an effort to begin to understand the hidden economy of Craigslist, this motion data portrait was created. Seller data was collected manually through the "for sale" section of All ads were within the 5 miles radius stemming from the zip code, 48226. Also included in the data are Hamtramck, and Windsor. The 5 miles radius reaches the southwest limits, Highland Park, and Grosse Point. All ads that were posted February 4, 5, 6 were documented.

The piece's aesthetics embrace some of the unapologetic design of Craigslist. Being a platform built by its community and not the creators, I chose subvert to my voice in the outcome. By highlighting representative ads and using default styling, the piece steps itself out of the spotlight and focuses on the data.


Gridlife Festival

Gridlife is an immensely popular music and motorsports festival in South Haven Michigan. Being that the community of Gridlife is one that embraces diversity both in culture and racing, I chose to embrace the expressive styling of drifting culture. Techno colors and car-decal style tribal patterns fall behind the checkered flag. While firstly an exploration in aesthetics, these three basic voices ground the piece in rational thinking by each representing the music culture, the drifting culture, and time-attack culture.


Brightmoor Demolitions

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Brightmoor Detroit is a neighborhood on the far northwest border of the city, and a symbol for how Detroit is imagined internationally, the neighborhood is broken and neglected. In an attempt to insert our voice into a larger issue, this interactive installation was created. While some may see demolishing housing as creating a blank canvas, it's never that simple.

To represent how a neighborhood needs its community we created an array representing bricks, homes, addresses, jenga pieces, etc. Each home is contingent on its neighbors, each relying on each other for support. The Detroit Open Data Portal provided the data that drives the timing of demolitions. A ticker counts down, demolishing real homes that are gone. But, the user has the opportunity to speak up and take the role of a leader and save the homes.

This installation was created in collaboration with Eric Wilson


826 Plus Sum

Created for the citizens of Toledo, 826 Plus Sum aims to reinvent resale shopping. Usually a cold, unpleasant experience, Plus Sum's Bright orange, and silly type finds the happy medium between humanist and polished.

The primary mechanism of Plus Sum is every item is given an overly literal meme-like name. Customers are encouraged to create word combinations by taking two halves of two products to create a new name. If the name is logical, and the item can be found in the store— that item is free. This serves many purposes, primarily a fun way of saving, but also the tool for how the names are generated and continually reinvented.

Plus Sum's identity needed to match it's unique model. There are three symbols; the triangle, rectangle, and semi-circle. A representation of basic math, these continually reinforce the idea of A + B = C. The identity avoids a static logo and instead reinvents these three symbols throughout its materials, keeping itself fresh just like the silly names.


U.S. Auto Crisis

The Big Three's narrow portfolio of big, inefficient and (most important to them) profitable vehicles is somewhere in the center of causes of the crisis. The companies unwillingness to progress put them in a bad spot after Americans needs were not being met.

An interesting correlation between the 5 stages of grief and the Big Three's rebound can be drawn. While a theory obviously meant for individuals, todays corporate entities have a unique place in culture, where their motives and choices are scrutinized as if they were truly a single person.

The piece functions as a vertical timeline, with the global U.S. auto sales as the focal. Placed alongside are the stages of grief, key events, statistics, and satellite images of Buick City, Flint, a saddening symbol of the decay of the Big Three's past prosperity.


UFO Study

A redesign of The Scientific Study of UFOs. Beginning with plain text, this publication was developed in 6 weeks. The book features diagrams, images, tables, and firsthand reports of UFO occurrences. Heavy influence was taken from classified government documents, type is scratched-out, columns overlap, and printed black and white. With its harsh, gritty tone, the book begins to resemble the chaotic, grainy images featured within.


Pollution Monitor

The monitor is designed to provide for anybody that desires info of the air, noise, and light quality in their current zone. With the intentions to be used intermittently throughout the day, the design favors quick navigation, intuitive controls and clear vocabulary to remove the clutter that is commonplace of scientific content. Unmistakable colors vibrate and relax in correlation with the danger levels the user is currently experiencing.



Hunter Thackham

Hi! I'm an interdisciplinary graphic designer in my forth year of study at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. I most recently interned at CCS's Marketing Department working on the 2018 admissions materials. As of now I'm a printer for CCS's Imaging Center. Previously, I spent a summer interning with Who's That? creating identities for local Detroit businesses.

Please stay and view my student work, download my resume, write me a nice email, or follow my instagram.